Prof. Yuri Makogon

Texas A&M University, Petroleum Engineering Department, College Station

Housten, Texas, USA
College Station, TX 77843-3116
Phone: 979-845-4066; Fax: 979-845-1307; E-mail:
1-979-690-8871 (R)

Dr. Makogon is a world renowned expert on natural gas hydrates. He has discovered that hydrates of natural gas can accumulate as deposits in nature. His name was entered in the State Register of the USSR in 1969 for the scientific discovery of natural gas hydrates, with the priority date of 25 July 1961.

Dr. Makogon has designed original equipment and has been conducting research on the kinetics and morphology of gas hydrates with thermodynamic and kinetic inhibitors. He is studying phase behavior of natural gas-water systems under high pressure and low temperature in static and dynamic conditions. Dr. Makogon has done the very first research hydrate formation and dissociation in pore space and prepared basic recommendations for gas production from hydrate fields. He is developing effective methods for the prevention and removal of large hydrate plugs in wells and pipelines.