15 сентября 2016, четверг, 15-00, конф.-зал. "Functional MFU-4-type metal-organic frameworks comprising open metal sites".

Prof. Dirk Volkmer Institute of Physics, Chair of Solid State & Materials Chemistry, Augsburg, Germany

Since 2009, metal-organic frameworks (MFU-4 family,[1] CFA-1 [2]) have been developed in our group, that comprise unique "Kuratowski-type"[3] coordination units. The structural and functional relationship between these frameworks and the versatile class of scorpionate complexes will be presented with special attention drawn to function (i.e. quantum sieving, [4] band-gap engineering [5], activation of small molecules [6]). A rational approach towards catalytically active MOFs is proposed, which rests on the tridentate facial coordination of redox-active metal centers in frameworks giving rise to open and flexible coordination sites, suitable for the development of functionally diverse heterogeneous catalysts and sensor materials.