Single crystals of potassium-yttrium tungstate activated by ytterbium α-KY(WO4)2 - Yb3+ (KYW:Yb)


Single crystals of potassium-yttrium tungstate (KYW:Yb) activated with ytterbium ions, α-KY(WO4)2–Yb3+, are used for ultrashort pulse laser generation (50–200 femtoseconds). KYW:Yb single crystals are unique laser material allowing to use laser diodes most effectively (efficiency coefficient > 50%) for pumping.






Performance attributes

Basic properties

Symmetry class 2/m
Unit cell parameters [Å] а = 8.05, b = 10.35, c = 7.54, β = 94°
Optical orientation of crystal np = b, ngc = 17,5°
Mohs hardness 5
Density [g·cm–3] 6,565
Phase transition point [°C] 1017
Transparency range [μm] 0.35 – 5.5
Refractive index [λ = 1.067 μm] np = 1.9688 nm = 2.0065 ng = 2.057
Heat conductivity [Wt·m–1·K–1] 2.8[100]2.8 [010]3.4[001]
Dimensions of single crystals (orientation along [010]) [mm] (50-60)х(50-60)х(70-100)
Yb concentrationin crystal (at.%) 2 – 10

Optical quality of single crystals:

Optical homogeneity of laser elements on cross-section (ΔN ) <10−6 (λ/8 на 1 см)
Lack of visible light scattering in Ne - He laser beam
[ ~ 30 mwt]
Absence of clear striation on crystal cross-section  
Deflaction from average Yb concentration along crystal (60-100 mm) не более 10%
Absorption coefficient (λ =1150 nm) < 5 х 10−4 см−1

Generation properties:

Laser transition 2F5/2→ 2F7/2
Generation wavelength [nm] 1025
Lifetime of metastable level 2F5/2 (μs) 600
Width of luminescence line [cm−1] 26
Cross section of laser transition [сm2] 3 × 10−20
Generation pulse duration [fs] 50–200
Generation pulse frequency [MGz] 10–50
Average power of generation pulses (wt) 2,5–5


Technical and economical advantages

The crystal growth technology is automated. The single crystals are distinguished by high optical quality.

Application areas

Single crystals are used for femtosecond lasers.

Practical realization level

The production of experimental lots of crystals is established at the NIIC SB RAS.

Patent situation

Patents can be grunted but not yet applied for.

Commercial proposals

Pilot batch single crystals sale.

Approximate cost

Agreed price.


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