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Single crystals of potassium-gadolinium tungstate


Single crystals of potassium-gadolinium tungstate (KGW:Nd) activated with neodymium ions, α-KGd(WO4)2—Nd3+, are used for generating laser radiation. Within small pumping energy range (0.5—1J), KGW:Nd single crystal is one of few materials providing effective generation.

Performance attributes

Symmetry class 2/m
Unit cell parameters [Å] a = 8.095, b = 10.43, c = 7.588
Optical orientation of crystal np = b, ngc = 20°
Angle between optical axes [degree of arc] 86.5°
Mohs hardness 5
Density [g/cm–3] 7.27
Phase transition point [oC] 1005
Transparency range [mm] 0.35—5.5
Refractive index (λ = 1.067mm) ng = 2.033 np = 1.937 nm = 1.986
Heat conductivity [Wxm–1 K–1] 2.8[100] 2.2[010] 3.5[001]
Thermal expansion coefficient [K–1] 4·10–6[100] 3.6·10–6[010] 8.5·10–6[100]

Generation properties:

Laser transition 4F3/2 → 4I11/2
Generation wavelength [mm] 1.0672
Lifetime of metastable level [ms] 110
Width of luminescence line [cm–1] 24
Cross section of laser transition [cm2] 4.3·10–19
Laser generation threshold [J] 0,2—1

Laser radiation power [W]

Active element:
diameter  4mm, length  65mm,  300Hz
diameter  6.3mm, length  75mm,  50Hz 60
Efficiency of laser radiation, %:
Active element: diameter 4mm, length 65mm, 12.5—300Hz
λ = 1,06mm 4—7.3
λ = 0,55mm 2.0

Technical and economical advantages:

The single crystals are distinguished by high optical quality and posses high beam durability

Application areas

The single crystals can be used to develop efficient lasers with high radiating power.

Stage of development and place of usage

The production of experimental lots of crystals is established at the NIIC SB RAS.

Patent situation

Patent(s) can be grunted but not yet applied for.

Commercial proposals

Contract for product manufacturing and shipment.

Approximate cost

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